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The Wrap: A New Meal For A New Time

The Wrap: A New Meal For A New Time

Let’s talk wraps….really!

More people these days are focusing on a wrap or ‘tortilla sandwich’ with great types of whole wheat or healthy wrappings, as a way to cut down on carbs and have a traditional lunch without the massive amounts of bread you’d associate with a sub or hoagie or some other traditional sandwich.

Pair that with some excellent natural ingredients, and you have a health value that can’t be beat! (Some people say “can’t be beaten,” but we’re not sure that really sounds right!)

Anyway, we love wraps, too, and we have a number of very good ones in our menu. You’ll have to try each one.

The Classic Wrap

This one comes with romaine lettuce and tomatoes, as well as avocado and something called citrus agave mustard.

That’s good! You can hear how the taste combination creates a party in your mouth. And we’re just getting started.

Pesto Club Wrap

Here you have the romaine lettuce and tomatoes that are also in the classic. Add bacon and mozzarella for a truly gourmet experience! In addition, you have a Kale-basil pesto that’s out of this world. All of that together is a real boost for your day.

Boca Fiesta Wrap

This wrap has spinach, onions, corn and tomatoes, along with jalapeno peppers, goat cheese and sweet chili sauce.

The taste experience is amazing, and pairing the goat cheese with the other ingredients really works well.

Check out our wraps and everything else on the menu, and use our SoFresh app for easy and convenient delivery. Don’t keep eating those same old things like pizza and subs that are packing in the carbs and adding to your waistline…we have healthy and nutritious options to help you live better day to day.

Check out our array of kids’ meals and sides for your choosy tot and his or her finicky appetite. Or browse our selection of neat beverages including the Kale-Apple smoothie and other delicacies for superior nutrition and great taste for the road!

You could be one of many people walking around locally carrying one of our bags that says “pardon my fresh” and enjoying what’s inside.

The app is easy to use, and the food is, so to speak, easy to eat, so “come on down” (digitally speaking) and order delivery of some of the best food you ever tasted. You won’t be sorry, and neither will we – that’s what we do here! And we believe that quality counts.

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