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The World Has Gone … Convenient

The World Has Gone … Convenient

Don’t look now, but companies all over are putting in place new features for consumers, and improving the products and services that they sell.

We’re part of that at LoveSoFresh where we market our delicious and nutritious food and drinks in an innovative new digital way that accommodates – that’s right – your convenience. We think about how people experience our brand, because in today’s information age, how can you not do that and stay competitive? 

Let’s talk about that in a little more detail.

The App

One way that companies are making things easier for their customers is through new applications, digital ways of making transactions that are much more efficient and easier than calling someone on the phone, or God forbid, sending in a snail mail letter.

Our app is designed for easy navigation and purchase, so that you get your delicious food delivered straight to your door with a minimum of hassle.

We’ll talk a little bit more about this as we go over some of the extra features that our app includes.

Loyalty Rewards

Companies are also reaching out with a variety of special rewards for customers. For instance, people are looking at cryptocurrency as being an easy way to reward people for interacting with the company, whether they’re buying, or doing research, or participating in something like a contest or giveaway. Gamification as a concept is also taking off, and these kinds of engagement are all the rage in certain markets, with lots of top marketing teams paying attention. 

There is a philosophy called ‘play to earn’ or P2E that some companies are adopting. This idea suggests that when people get rewarded for their time, they’re more likely to shop at a particular place.

In our case, we’re using good old cash, but our app includes a loyalty program that can put money back in your pocket. Not only that, but it does this in a convenient way, a way that is in keeping with the new digital age, not a “legacy program” from the old days. 

Menu for Health

Here’s another big trend – companies that offer food and drinks are making their products healthier, so that people have a better quality of life and live longer.

The ancient wisdom, in this business, was to give people cheap calories that tasted good. But now we know that people are a little more sophisticated than that. They want products that will truly feed their bodies!

You can go back and look at some of the neat juices and products and smoothies that we offer, as well as our wraps and quesadillas and everything else. The nutrition is there. The health value is there. But there’s also – taste! And again, convenience. So check it out and you might yourself be hooked. 

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