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The Drinking Game: Nutrition for Your Life

The Drinking Game: Nutrition for Your Life

No, we’re not talking about taking an alcoholic swig every time somebody mentions your favorite keyword, or playing beer pong in a back alley, as fun as those things might be for some. 

We’re talking about how what you drink influences your health. We’re talking about the best nutrition for your body, which is front and center in all the research and work we do to assemble a delivery catalog

At Sofresh, that’s part of our focus – a big part. Nutrition and how it affects the body is a major theme in our menu and catalog.

But let’s spend a moment talking about drinks and how they affect you!

Drinks and Sugar Content

When you go beyond ‘drinks 101,’ you recognize that the specific sugar content level in a drink is a big part of its nutrition and effect on the body‚Ķ

Many people know that extremely sugary drinks like sodas are not good for you. They can even reference some of the soda bans in New York and elsewhere that illustrate how government offices are trying to get involved.

Beyond that, though, people might not think much about how to remediate lower sugar values, for example, from drinks like Gatorade and Powerade to drinks like Hint and infused water, or in the middle, with vitamin waters and iced teas and all of the drinks that you can find on the average store shelf. 

Our Menu

With our infused water drinks and lemonades, and other drinks, we have a sugar content that is precisely calibrated to help prevent big health problems in the future.

We also look at how the body digests the elements in a drink, whether it’s water with a hint of something else or heavily laden sugar water with a lot of chemical ingredients that can harm your kidneys or other organs, or other parts of your body.

We bring that same sensibility to our food with high-quality ingredients and healthy choices that you can use for daily meals that rock the house when it comes to taste and nutrition. 

For example, look at some of our wraps and bowl dishes with various proteins and vegetable ingredients. You can see how we balance the nutrition for a diet that suits you and your family. That’s a use, we’d say. 

We know doctors are telling us to eat healthier these days, but how do you do that? Our service brings convenience to better nutrition, a key life change for many individuals and families in our delivery areas.

Think about that when you’re ordering food and adding deliveries to your daily routine. Are you getting what will support your long-term health and longevity over time? It’s a deliberate process that benefits our customers as time goes by!

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