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Salad Days – A Green Win-Win

Salad Days – A Green Win-Win

Why are people so interested in salads?

Just a few years ago, you were likely to hear people talk about salads as ‘rabbit food’ – derisively talking about their preference for real ‘meat and potatoes’ dishes. Or something like that. 

But all of that is changing really rapidly. You’re not as likely to hear people talking like that anymore – not with some of the modern information that we have about diet and its effect on our lives. 

Salads and Health

What’s essentially at the heart of the popularity of salad is just your basic health equation that everyone is hearing from their family doctors.

In general, we need more plant foods, and less meat and fats. We need more antioxidants and green stuff, and less empty calories. To be sure, there are better, leaner kinds of proteins (and you can see this reflected on our menu, too) but in a very broad sense – salad is on the way up. 

Fewer Empty Calories

How people do this involves a lot of factors like the food options they have around them, but more people are embracing salad as an idea. They’re skipping the bread and the gluten, and going directly to a green plate that has just the good stuff on it!


At the same time, the American meat industry is rife with scandal and concern. There are concerns for the animals, and for the welfare of the workers. There is rampant price gouging by centralized meatpacking businesses.

All of that combines to make vegetarianism a growing choice for many people.

Our Green Stuff

So let’s talk about what you can get from LoveSoFresh to feed your green appetite!

Our range of salads is impeccable, with a variety of blends: we also have smoothies and drinks. We have stuff for kids, and tastes like carrots and lettuce, salads that go with soy sauce, and salads that go with ranch. This diversity is part of your daily menu!

An Example: The Kung Fu Bowl

For an example of this, let’s look at the kung fu bowl, an option for young people on our kids’ menu.

Specifically, let’s look at the ingredients that it consists of. First, you have brown rice, which has its own nutrients and a low-fat content.

Then you have parsley, which is a widely known digestive herb.

You also have both broccoli and carrots, whole vegetable foods to nourish your body.

You have the alternative to add chicken meat, and then you have some teriyaki sauce.

What you don’t have is a lot of bread and cheese and all of the usual things that you associate with a high-carb, high-fat diet.

So many thousands of people have noted how switching from something like pizza to a more salad-like approach has drastically improved their health (or rather, dramatically improved their health.) Take a look at our menu for more!

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