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Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple

In the food business, there’s a lot of competition, and it’s important to invest in quality.

But this kind of business approach has a lot of moving parts. There is the marketing and advertising you do, compared to sourcing your food. There is the process of quick and easy delivery to customers. Then there are the guarantees that you provide in terms of food quality and food safety.

Why do these make a difference? Because people value good food and need to know what you are offering. 

Simple Menu Items

Sometimes people don’t want esoteric, fancy dishes. They want the same old tried-and-true standards in a high-quality form with convenient and easy delivery service.

For example, look at our quesadilla with a multigrain wrap or our salads that introduce the best of our fresh, natural ingredients to your plate.

While many of these ingredients are familiar to most people, that combination and the quality of what we ship out makes a difference. That’s what people look for, and with our approach, that’s what they find. 

Food Safety and Food Standards

It’s also critical in this business to pay the utmost attention to food safety.

Commercial food handling businesses rely on a standard called HACCP, which is common for restaurants and food businesses.

That states that nothing should be kept at room temperature for more than two hours. To be even safer, narrow this band of time to about an hour, and you’ll have pretty good coverage of HACCP standards. The right equipment helps quite a bit in alleviating any kind of risk: excellent bain marie or hot stations keeps food “ready to go,” and coolers and walk-ins keep it in cold storage. 

Why is that important? Because bacteria can build up on food surfaces over time when they’re kept in the HACCP danger zone that’s not hot enough or cool enough to control bacterial growth. That’s just one example of how best practices work in the food world and what the best companies have to stay on top of every step of the way. 

Simply put, when your food delivery business pays attention to the standards, you benefit your culinary audience, whoever that happens to be, with safe and healthy alternatives.

Taste and Flavor

You also want ingredients that are bursting with flavor and pleasing to your palate!

Some companies ship out inferior products that are quite bland or don’t have the flavor profiles that make food appealing. That’s an epic fail. 

By contrast, when people try our menu, they’re instantly hooked. Check out the smoothies, kids’ choices, and everything else on the menu for excellent food consumption from a company that cares! We put the work in so that you can have, well, a great meal. 

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