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A Tale Of Three Smoothies

A Tale Of Three Smoothies

Today let’s talk about three customers who got one of our unique blended smoothies and how it affected their days. Charles Dickens, eat your heart out! (Just kidding!)

Susie’s Smoothie

Say that three times fast…Susie got our banana and strawberry smoothie, a delicious concoction of sweet fruits – the delightful berry flavor of the strawberry mixed with the milder potassium-rich banana, a staple in morning nutrition.

Susie enjoyed the freshness of this fruity blend and had some very positive notes to give us on the balance and the creaminess of this morning drink. We thought that was worth talking about. 

Jack’s Smoothie

Jack got the banana and date smoothie, which is an interesting flavorful concoction and a great representation of the use of dates as a more exotic fruit, at least to the American palate.

Part of Jack’s feedback was that it’s nice to have a blend of world cuisines and cultures when you wake up in the morning, and that being able to integrate different regional fruits really gives a new dimension to your smoothie!

We agree, and that’s part of what we were thinking as we put this particular recipe together. The banana and date smoothie is something that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else – it’s a “signature smoothie” if you will, that piques the interest of the choosy consumer. 

Diane’s Smoothie

Diana got our kale and apple smoothie, which is popular, especially in the fall season, for its rich, tart sweetness and the addition of a green vegetable that’s very good for your health.

More people are realizing that kale isn’t just health food, though – that it’s got a flavor and texture that just can’t be beat if presented the right way – for instance, in conjunction with other tastes, like rosemary or parmesan – or apple!

So we blended the kale and the apple together to create a very special taste experience.

Okay, so the story definitely has a happy ending. Our smoothies speak to you!

That’s not all we offer, either. Check out the full menu with all of the meal options and special ingredients that we put into our food delivery business, with an emphasis on you and your health. Design your own bowl salad or quesadilla, or munch on a flavorful robust salad that will tingle your taste buds.

Or special order sides like roasted sweet potatoes or broccoli, or a fruit cup, or delightful house salad.

The choice is yours – all of it is neatly dispensed from our locations in Florida, Pennsylvania and Maine. All you have to do is hit the convenient button that says “order now” to make your own ‘go fresh’ story. Ask us about special deals and more, as you source food that’s good for you and tastes great too!

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