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8 Ingredients In The Boca Fiesta Wrap

8 Ingredients In The Boca Fiesta Wrap

What’s in our Boca Fiesta Wrap? This is one of our best sellers and a good example of the quality you can expect from LoveSoFresh as you select mouth-watering options from our online menu. We make it our business to be among the best in the business! That means cultivating a knowledge base about nutrition-quality ingredients and what’s best for your palate and plate.

Here are some ingredients that make the Boca Fiesta Wrap the crowd-pleaser that it is.

Brown Rice

Why brown rice and not white rice? The answer has to do with the science around blood sugar and the idea of unrefined products as health boosters. Brown rice still tastes good, and it has a better nutrient profile as well. So we made that a prime component of this and other healthy wraps for your table.


Parsley has been known as an herbal digestive aid for centuries, and it’s still common in many types of world cuisine. Just ask the French or the Italians. Parsley is a usual green supplement to a complex piece of culinary excellence like the Boca Fiesta Wrap – and although a classic chef might use it to garnish something like a pig’s foot, we think our uses are healthier!


At the end of the day, onions are usually added for their flavor. They can make you cry when you’re behind the knife, but they can be quite tasty in one of our very deliberately crafted wraps. That’s because we carefully curate this ingredient to make sure that age does not make the onion bitter in an unappealing way.

Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapenos are also common in a lot of foods these days. The key is to get just the right amount of heat into the wrap – not too much because this can compromise taste.


Corn is another crowd-pleaser with its sweetness and hearty flavor profile. It’s popular in modern street food and other items and an appealing part of our ingredients list.


Mushrooms are an excellent non-animal source of protein and a good substitute for all kinds of meats that may come from a factory farming environment.

The key is to get mushrooms that are well-grown and well-preserved for shipping.

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese is a very mild type of cheese, but it’s very creamy and delicious amidst our other ingredients!

Sweet Chili

Sweet chili? Yes, please. Sweet chili is a particular kind of ingredient that brings a new taste to people who are not familiar with it. Combining the sweetness and heat brings an unusual flavor profile that we think is “out of this world.”

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